• Chocolate Apricot Cheesecake with Crumbles

    19. July 2020Laura

    If you love crumbles, cheesecake and chocolate, which is the case with me, this sheet cake is a dream. Since it’s apricot season, I’ve added some of those. In summer, when there are all kinds of fruits in season, you have so many possibilities to make delicious fruit cakes, that you almost get stressed trying…

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  • Vegane Bananenschnitten

    8. July 2020Laura

    Since a few days I have been putting off posting the recipe for these vegan banana sheet cake because I was always too tired in the evening. But today I’m determined to finally post it. But as I am already longing for a comfortable evening on the couch, I will keep it short. Actually the…

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  • Vegan Mango-Brownie Mini Cakes

    25. June 2020Laura

    The primary goal of any dessert is to taste delicious! But for people like me, the appearance plays a very important role as well. That’s why I’m always especially happy when I succeed in creating a delicious dessert that also looks pretty and with these vegan mango brownie tartlets I’ve succeeded in doing so. They…

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  • Salmon Avocado Wrap

    17. June 2020Laura

    Today, for once, the recipe is not for anything sweet, but for delicious salmon avocado wraps. I really like wraps because you can fill them to your heart’s content. Just rolling them up sometimes turns out to be a bit difficult, when you might have been a bit greedy after all. And then when you…

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  • Vegan Blueberry-Yoghurt Bundt Cake

    1. June 2020Laura

    Happy Whit Monday! I hope you enjoy the long weekend. So far the weather hasn’t been that good but today the sun is shining again and I can test my new balcony chair. Yesterday we celebrated my mum’s birthday and had a delicious cheesecake. But today I have a recipe for this vegan blueberry-yoghurt bundt…

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  • Rhubarb-Strawberry Tarts

    19. May 2020Laura

    Last weekend was all about rhubarb-strawberry. Since it is a very popular combination, I wanted to bake something with it. I had discovered a recipe for a rhubarb-strawberry crumble that I wanted to try out and I had planned my own recipe as well. As I still had rhubarb and strawberries left over, I also…

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  • Vegan Strawberry-Cream Cake

    12. May 2020Laura

    Late, but finally the recipe for this year’s Mother’s Day cake is online. On Sunday itself I didn’t have time to publish it, because I spent the day with my family and yesterday it didn’t have time either. The cake is really delicious and more beautiful than I had hoped for. One is rarely satisfied…

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  • Vegan Mango-Peach Dessert

    3. May 2020Laura

    I had a week off and used the time to bake, do handicrafts and relax. The week passed very fast again like the last ones. Now it’s already May and by now we have all settled in a bit to the Corona everyday life. But slowly it is getting better and step by step you…

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  • Healthy, vegan Rhubarb-Vanilla-Muffins

    22. April 2020Laura

    Spring is rhubarb season! I used to think that many people think rhubarb is a vegetable but actually it is a fruit. Now I know it’s the other way around. But whether it’s a fruit or a vegetable, it’s the taste that counts. Rhubarb is rather sour and bitter, but I think it goes well…

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