• Vegan Mango-Blueberry Granola Tarts

    28. March 2020Laura

    Today is a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. Perfect for a long cozy breakfast. What could be better for that than these lovely vegan mango blueberry Granola Tartelettes? I like to eat muesli or granola with yoghurt and fruit for breakfast. If it’s also in a sweet little tart form, it tastes even better 😉 A…

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  • Vegan Vanilla-Coconut Overnight Oats with Bananas

    17. March 2020Laura

    At the moment you can only hear about one topic, the Corona virus! The whole thing has developed really fast and is already frightening. But you shouldn’t spread panic, because that only makes things worse. Meanwhile the shelves in the shops are filled up again, but last Friday I couldn’t find any yeast or dry…

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  • Avocado-Corn-Bowl with Cashewnuts

    12. March 2020Laura

    At the moment there is still a lot going on and I have to make an effort to find time and also energy to post recipes. After a long working day you often prefer to sit on the couch and relax. Hopefully I won’t have the problem to find ingredients soon as well. Who knows…

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  • Chocolate-Berry Cake Roll

    1. March 2020Laura

    Lately I’ve been kind of unlucky and my cakes keep breaking. You can still eat them, but they are no longer useful for a photo. This chocolate-berry cake roll also broke completely on my first try. But last weekend it worked and I was able to take my picture. As a food blogger you often…

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  • Poppy Seed-Cream-Cake with Kiwi

    12. February 2020Laura

    Like every year in February, I am really looking forward to spring and can hardly wait for the first warm days and the flowering meadows. This winter has been really disappointing so far. Since I can think there has never been so little snow. It does have its advantages but a little snow is just…

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  • Hazelnut-Nougat-Banana Mousse with Giottos

    29. January 2020Laura

    Only two more days and then January is already over again. But there’s still not much snow around here. By now I’m looking forward to spring again, but a winter without snow is a bit sad. I’m glad when it’s not on the road, but the fields are more beautiful when they are white and…

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  • Healthy, vegan Avodado-Chocolate-Bundtcakes

    9. January 2020Laura

    Hello 2020! The year has hardly begun and already 9 days are over. I wanted to write a post earlier, but I just didn’t get around to it. Around Christmas I took a break and then I had to work again. In the new year I had to visit my family so other things had…

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  • Spekulatius-Apple-Mini-Tarts with Curd Cheese Cream

    22. December 2019Laura

    Happy 4th Advent! Now there are only two days left and then it is christmas time. The cookies are all eaten up already, so I made these delicious “no bake” Spekulatius-Apple-Mini-Tarts with Curd Cheese Cream. I can recommend them for all those who are still looking for a Christmas dessert. This year I bought a…

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  • Brownie-Rumballs

    21. December 2019Laura

    Here comes the last cookie recipe this year for those who spontaneously want to bake some in the last days before Christmas. Even if they are not really cookies but rum balls, but somehow they belong to the Christmas cookies, don’t they? My friend right away said that they are not cookies, but he still…

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