• Healthy, vegan Avodado-Chocolate-Bundtcakes

    9. January 2020Laura

    Hello 2020! The year has hardly begun and already 9 days are over. I wanted to write a post earlier, but I just didn’t get around to it. Around Christmas I took a break and then I had to work again. In the new year I had to visit my family so other things had…

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  • Spekulatius-Apple-Mini-Tarts with Curd Cheese Cream

    22. December 2019Laura

    Happy 4th Advent! Now there are only two days left and then it is christmas time. The cookies are all eaten up already, so I made these delicious “no bake” Spekulatius-Apple-Mini-Tarts with Curd Cheese Cream. I can recommend them for all those who are still looking for a Christmas dessert. This year I bought a…

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  • Brownie-Rumballs

    21. December 2019Laura

    Here comes the last cookie recipe this year for those who spontaneously want to bake some in the last days before Christmas. Even if they are not really cookies but rum balls, but somehow they belong to the Christmas cookies, don’t they? My friend right away said that they are not cookies, but he still…

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  • Walnut Cookies with Jam-Rum-Filling

    15. December 2019Laura

    Just one week of work left and then my Christmas vacation starts. I still can’t believe that it will be Christmas soon, but I’m really looking forward to having a week off and spending time with family, friends and a few tv-shows 😉 I have to admit that this weekend I spent more time with…

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  • Linzer Cookies

    9. December 2019Laura

    There was a lot going on this weekend. On Friday I baked cookies with my godmother, on Saturday I had a dance workshop almost all day long and yesterday I visited my family and afterwards had a dance rehearsal again. In between I had to photograph the cookies and of course eat some of them.…

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  • Grandma’s Albert Cookies

    1. December 2019Laura

    Finally it’s time! Advent has begun and I can look forward to a piece of chocolate every morning. This morning I was happy like a little child to open my Advent calendars. Yes Advent calendars… because I have four altogether. In my defense: I got three of them as a gift! But with Advent calendars…

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  • Grandma’s Tangerine Cake Roll

    27. November 2019Laura

    Finally I have time again to write a blog post and post a new recipe. I wanted to post the recipe earlier, but my weekend was pretty full. Saturday I had to go shopping and bake the cake roll. Sunday morning I took some photos of it and then I went to my grandma’s birthday…

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  • Chocolate Traybake with Sugaricing

    17. November 2019Laura

    Who is looking forward to the Advent season as much as I am? I am a big Christmas fan and always find Advent very cosy. Sometimes a bit stressful when you still have to get all the presents, but this year I already got some. So I got a bit more time to enjoy Advent.…

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  • Chocolatemousse Tart with Caramel Biskuits and Mango

    11. November 2019Laura

    As soon as the weekend has begun, it is over again and monday is just around the corner. Somehow today I was even more tired than usual and hardly made it out of bed. For most people that would be a reason to drink a big cup of coffee. The problem is I don’t drink…

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