• Vegan Spanish Applecake

    3. November 2019Laura

    Hello November! I’m always surprised by how fast time flies by. It was just the beginning of autumn and now Halloween is already over and November is here. Not for long and Christmas will be just around the corner. November usually isn’t very popular. The beautiful colorful autumn days are slowly over, but the picture-book…

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  • Halloween Cake-Pop Ghosts

    30. October 2019Laura

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Well, basically it’s not Halloween yet but tomorrow it is. I really like Halloween, although I don’t celebrate it anymore. When I was a kid I was still wandering from house to house collecting candy, but eventually I got too old for it and I don’t enjoy going clubbing. That’s why I prefer…

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  • Pear-Semolinacake with Pudding and Streusel

    27. October 2019Laura

    Today was such a beautiful autumn day, so I decided to make a hike to my parents home. The walk is very beautiful over many fields and along a lake, but also quite long. 23 kilometers to be exact! But it definitely paid off, even if my feet hurt a bit now. Now I have…

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  • Apple Pie

    20. October 2019Laura

    I’m still enjoying autumn and so here is another recipe with apples. This time an apple pie from my dear godmother. When I was looking for inspiration how to decorate the apple pie, I was impressed by all the gorgeous pies you can find on the internet. They are real works of art. My apple…

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  • Healthy, Vegan Carrot-Zucchini-Muffins

    13. October 2019Laura

    The weather this weekend was really fantastic and I tried to enjoy the sun as much as possible. But of course I also baked something again. I am lucky that my boyfriend`s parents grow a lot of vegetables and fruit in their garden and I always get some. I also get some eggs, because they…

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  • Mini Chocolate-Applepies

    6. October 2019Laura

    Today I took a long walk and enjoyed the sun, which hasn’t come out too often lately. Unfortunately most of the leaves are still green, but I hope it won’t take too long until they are yellow, orange and red. I also wanted to pick up some chestnuts, but I guess I’ll have to wait…

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  • Oreo-Berry-Cheesecakes

    3. October 2019Laura

    Brrr… here in Salzburg it’s really autumnal and cold already and although I dressed warmly, I still caught a cold. But that’s no excuse for baking. But first I want to share a recipe that I made in summer. Oreos are quite a popular baking ingredient and since I’ve wanted to make a recipe with…

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  • Plum-Poppy-Curd Cake with Crumble

    29. September 2019Laura

    It’s hard to believe that September is almost over and that autumn is really here. Although I always enjoy the summer, I am already looking forward to beautiful autumn walks and cosy evenings at home. I love it when the leaves change colour and it’s time again to wrap yourself in a blanket with a…

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  • Chocolate Mango Cupcakes

    27. September 2019Laura

    Who loves mango and chocolate as much as I do? I already made these chocolate mango cupcakes in August for my colleagues for my birthday. Actually I planned to use raspberries, but since one of my colleagues likes mangos so much, I decided to use it instead and asked myself why I didn’t think of…

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