• Damson-Chocolate-Tartlets

    22. September 2019Laura

    So the day is finally here! The day I publish my blog! There were times when I wasn’t so sure if this was actually going to happen anytime, but now that I’ve pulled myself together in the last few weeks and worked hard on it, I can finally show it to you, even if I…

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  • Sweet couscous with yoghurt, plums and mango

    20. September 2019Laura

    “I love sleep because its like a time machine to breakfast.” When I read this quote somewhere in the web I immediatly thought “this is so me!”. I really do lie in bed in the evening sometimes and already look forward to breakfast the next morning, because it’s my absolute favorite meal of the day.…

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  • Raffaello mini bundt cakes

    14. June 2019Laura

    These bundt cakes were one of my first own recipes. We were invited to a wedding where there were little cookbooks with recipes from the guests who had sent them before. Since I like baking and wanted to try creating my own recipe anyway, I thought I’d have to come up with one myself. So…

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