Vegan Mango-Peach Dessert

3. May 2020Laura Tassatti
Mango-Pfirsich Glasdessert

I had a week off and used the time to bake, do handicrafts and relax. The week passed very fast again like the last ones. Now it’s already May and by now we have all settled in a bit to the Corona everyday life. But slowly it is getting better and step by step you can do more things again. Today I already did a little hike with friends and enjoyed it very much. Fortunately the weather was better than expected. The last days I wasn’t so lucky with it, but sometimes it is nice to chill on the couch without feeling guilty, while the rain splashes on the windows. And nature definitely needed it.

Mango-Pfirsich Glasdessert

Today’s recipe is nicely fruity. As I’ve often mentioned, I’m a mango fan and since I got a mango yoghurt from The Coconut Collaborative (advertising), I created this vegan mango-peach dessert. I was inspired by Tiramisu. You can often find it with strawberries or something similar. But since ladyfingers are not vegan (and I wanted to make a vegan dessert if I also use vegan yoghurt), I looked for an alternative and chose rusk. Seems a bit weird at first, but because of the peach compote and the sweet mango it is still a delicious sweet dessert but it doesn’t cause a sugar shock. If you would like it a little sweeter after all, you can add some maple syrup, for example.

Mango-Pfirsich Glasdessert
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Vegan Mango-Peach Dessert

  • Serves: 3 glasses


  • 1 mango
  • 350 g vegan mango yoghurt
  • about 6 slices vegan rusk
  • 1 small can of peaches
  • raspberries, optional


  • 1)

    Dip the rusk in the juice of the peach compote and cover the bottom of the glasses. Cut the peaches and mango into small pieces and place a few on top. As a last layer fill some mango yoghurt into the glasses and repeat the whole thing. Optionally, a thin slice of mango and raspberries can be put on a stick as decoration.

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